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Nathavat Kamronrittisorn


Collective intelligence:

transform non-techninal knowledge architecture to unimaginable vernacular

After international style influence, knowledge of building construction has freeze itself with successful construction method. So how can we find the solution to overcome this static architectural style?

Intention of this staement is to interpret the new vernacularity (not a traditional construction or architectural style improvement) by stimulate the collaborative system of sharing intellectuals of how to buid ones own architecture in the community and agilitate the creativity of architectural problem solving, adaptive constrcution method and later become vernacular architecture which can mutate into unimaginable, but based on the local wisdom.

The site is Bangkok slum, which is both chaotic and richfulness of inventions that we can barely see because of the disorder. This interference will input the systematical disorder into the site, to improve the communal space that the dweller can exchange the knowledge not by just from conversation

but from observation of physical of they neighborhood.

The system work as a spline of community both for infrastructure and transportation purpose.

This spline will maintain the same as a presence of the dwellers intellectual,

both share each wisdom of making their shelter and represent as a community identity.

However the site has been changed, this spline will work like a strong presence of “place”

that the previous dweller has been gathering wisdom of living elements. So the vernacularity will

adapt by each consecutive user in each age and become tangible,not only a collective intellectual.


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