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Kanakorn Nualprapun



Soul of Stillness

Design originates from the idea of creating something that can be experienced with ease via the concept of ‘ Vernacular ’. This is achieved through the use of form and composition generated from the analysis of the physical terrain, and combine it with the function that allows the users to instinctively absorb the underlying emotions within the space. Attaining this intuitive nature is essential as it is, without a doubt, the heart of architectural design.

The language of architecture is spoken through the interpretation of space that is ever-changing over time. By creating a new experience that could evoke the sense of ‘customary’ both physically and visually, one can gain a new perspective of nature.

“Under the roof, one can feel the flood of tranquility”

“Within this tranquility, one can hear the call of nature hidden within that place”

“Through the voices, one can experience new things”


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