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Montree Jaroenrungrit



ในน้ำมีปลา ในนามีข้าว

in the water there is a fish

in the paddy field there is a rice

The Location of the locality affect to the Architecture.

The Architecture influences to the local life.

The location of the locality affect to the main concept of the Architectural design and the local lifestyle. The environmental and lifestyle changed is a stimulating to the Architecture must be developed. However, it still keeps the original concept that result to the harmonious life and more respond the requirement.

The sustainable local architecture must support the environmental changed and must support the i Applying the main concept of the local architecture elements and laying the building to helps the harmonious design and can use the renewable energy in order to accord to the climate change. The resident can be Self-reliance when disaster occurred.

The building was designed to be a single house and located on the central of Thailand where the agricultural area is and near the river that flood 3-5 months per year or the some area is the place to store water in the rainy season. Living during the flood by the building can self-reliance, applying the solar energy, stowage the rain water to use, allocate some area for the agricultural and the husbandry, the good ventilation, the high lifting space under the house, the understanding of the applying the concept of the local building design by respect the terrain and the other. Design to use the minimum of the pillar to make the construction less disturbance to the original location.


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