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Viet Anh Nguyen, Mamady Kaba , Tuan Bui



Being the cradle of humanity, the African continent as a whole transmitted its ancestral values ​​and traditions following a succession of generations like any other society. This transmission was done by means of the word from father to son, therefore through the intermediary of orality. African society has deep roots and the only evidence, by the absence of archives and written texts, are the words of the ancients. Today, the effects of globalization are reflected in the community, jeopardizing the existence of ancient traditions and the preservation of cultural identities.

To solve this problem, we chose to do a school in Gando (commune of the Central-East region of Burkina Faso) to encourage teaching for the preservation of local traditions.


Our project consists of:

Building a school that will not only enable students of current and future generations to learn about the ancestral traditions through the teaching of the wise but also the contribution of the other courses they will acquire can enable them to archive everything on their behalf. tradition in order to preserve their cultural identity;

Make sure that our architecture has two qualities: the first is to use local materials and the second, it refers to the extension of the roof that can adapt to the weather of the locality.


In sum, We made sure to think of a symbolic architecture around the conservation of the cultures of the Gando region subject to the respect of the environment, the improvement of the precarious conditions of the community and the conservation of the traditions . Thus, this school will be the center of testimonies of the traditions and ancestral values ​​of the different ethnic groups of the municipality of Gando.


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