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Pole Forest

"Nature" is changing all the time according to human access, animals are in nature changing all the time too. Some animals are eventually reduced and extinct, because of the environment did not unsuitable for them. Sometimes many problems happened from these animals because of they just want to living their lives.

"Bangkok" a metropolis that growing all the time to support many people who come in to seize their opportunities and living their lives, but in many corners there are many small creatures still struggling to survive too.

Even today, people began to focus on increasing green spaces, but the limitations of this city are the density of the buildings, houses and transport systems that almost have not enough space to create a large green space for this city. And what area should we create that?

“Utility pole” is a column or post used to support overhead power lines and various other public utilities. There are many rumors in Bangkok, but soon it will disappear because it will be buried underground. And it will be withdrawn. If we don't withdraw it? Can we use it instead of the tree trunk?

This design uses materials that cannot be degraded, such as plastic, to be re-compacted to become a modular model for easy repeatability. By bringing the cover onto the unused power line so that it becomes a shelter for those animals and becoming a small forest that is linked together

If the architecture is to create an environment in which people can live and use. Creating the Pole Forest is like creating an environment too. That is conducive to the living of all living things, while creating a green spaces for the city which may be the starting point for other creatures to live with us.

Witchan Wanchit



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