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Juyong Shim


Po Jang Ma Cha is a place that provides drinks or something can eat easily with standing or seating. Po Jang Ma Cha have been established in Korea for a decades, with a common and peripheral identity. Just as the words ‘city’, ‘commoner’, ‘bottom’, and ‘street’ are naturally accompanied in describing the Po Jang Ma Cha, In the Korean society, the stand is a space where the intersection of the space called the city and the time of daily life intersected.

Doughnut phenomenon refers to the fact that there are many people in the city center in the daytime for various work activities, but there is no population and vacancy in the city because the worker leaves the place at night. In other words, there are few resident populations in the city center and a large number of floating population, which means a difference in population density per unit area between daytime and nighttime. This causes stagnation of the commercial districts in the city center, resulting in a decline in the economies of the people's economy.

Po Jang Ma Cha with the characteristics of street vendors have existed in such a way that they are parasitized at a certain place rather than in combination with surrounding contexts. But miraculously, just by inserting them in any place, many changes take place in the surrounding landscape. In other words, by putting the stand in a heterogeneous place, it creates a new landscape and attracts people.

Po Jang Ma Cha with the above characteristics are presented as a solution to the Doughnut phenomenon. After leaving work, I want to show the way to recover the stagnated city merchant by saving the step of people who leave the city and stay in the city, and to save the economy of the common people.


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