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Marek Obtulovic, Chi Mai-Lan, Marek Obtulovic


The surrounding landscape of house is shaped by meandering river Lucina, floodplain forest and agricultural fields. With the distinctive decoration of the front gable wall and only 2 stories layout the volume of these vernacular houses remains human scale and therefore don’t disturb the gentle natural landscape of surrounding. Another distinctive feature of the vernacular house is a chimney protruding from the slope of pitched roof. Due to harsh winters, the stove could not be missed in any house and was always the domain of the common space. The appearance of 2 story house from the distance remains traditional with the pitched roof and chimney. From the closer view the contemporary architectural elements can be recognized. Due to nowadays heating and insulation technology the house can have more window openings than in old traditional houses. Therefore the first floor with the common space is opened as much as possible to create a connection with the garden. The reason for visual connection is due to different habits in modern life when local people don’t work on the fields anymore and spent more time indoor. There are 2 dominant elements in the main living area. The chimney in the middle of living space and the diagonal wall intersecting throughout the house. As this wall continues from interior to the exterior garden, it creates attractive views into the landscape with silhouette of the city. The main living area is opened to the roof structure enhancing the feeling of the airiness and openness. This space is visually connected with the entrance garden in the front gable of the house. Although the house is inspired by vernacular morphology and completely fits with gentle natural landscape yet still has fresh features of the contemporary architecture.


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