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Piyapon Yukuntornpanya , Thadcharin Suttapom


The play-ground is a creative public area inspired by a local space. The design concept is derived from key important issues of the local space. They consisted of a local wisdom, local invention and local living style. Its design includes an innovation for living and behavior of people who live in rural areas. These people live in harmony with nature, gain benefit from nature and become their life style. They can also easily access the play-ground.

In the era of green architecture and environmental friendly architecture. Soil is local material that can easily be used with or without burning it. When soil is compressed into cube-shape, it can expose to the sun and become sun dried bricks. These can be used in various ways. In our play-ground, the bricks are used to create curve walls in order to enclose spaces for local people and families to use as public play-ground.


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