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Xin Lv

Yuhan Yan

Yuanhong Jia

Zixuan Cheng


The site is located in Baiyangdian, a wetland reserve in the east of China. There are around 20,000 people living in this area. Local customs include floating river lanterns,rowing sacrifice and so on.

The shape of building resembles a sand glass,representing the passage of time.

The building consists of two parts,the upper and lower levels are connected by two spiral staircases,light and concise.

Lotus and reeds are planted in the hole of the lower level. Every year,the locals put token money on the reeds and light it,expressing their concern about the family members who passed away and were buried in the water. The fire goes up to the higher level and then disappears in the sky through the hole. It could be pleasant for the locals and visitors to see the lotus bloom in the summer. The design of the first floor shows the symbol of Taiji and improves the communication between people as well.

The second floor allows people to take a break and watch the vast lake while thinking and talking to their dead relatives . Also,they can fly Kongming lanterns which contain their best wishes towards life and watch them until they integrate with the sky, hoping that their wishes could be understood by god.

People could sit on the second floor and look into the distance of the vask lake,feeling calm and relaxed.

The building is made up of the reed rods in the local area and the mixture of wood ,river mud and rice milk,light and solid.


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