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Zichun Yang

Ruolin Lai


"At the grassroots level, Chinese society is rural. Our nation, indeed, is inseparable from the soil. We have a glorious history from the soil, meantime will naturally be bound by the it. There is no doubt that the god of the highest rank is' the land '.”

This design is a new farming experience mode that grows in the farmland. We choose the most dynamic element in the countryside, the crop, as a new carrier of the Vernacular style.

Structures that return to the soil was intended to evoke a renewed sense of reverence for land and nature.

With the planting, growth and harvest of the crops, it produces different heights and states in the Biological circulatory system of time changing. This has created an interesting dynamic relationship between the crop and the structures. A part of the new form of Vernacular architecture is not controlled by the architect, but depends on the average height and habit of the crop.The assembled architecture seems to grow with the crops in the four seasons, and the color of the picture is very different in different seasons.

Tourists from the villages and from the city play different roles in this space, visitors walk barefoot on the ridge, in the most intuitive way to feel vernacular.Once the growers and the food consumers can even change their roles, in this land, people are no longer the roles they were in memory.

It brings the Vernacular style to the city and the flow of urban people into the countryside, which will also affect the development of future urban life.New farming experience mode is the best redemption of the vagrants of today's "reinforced concrete forest".


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