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Ricardo López


The name of the project Woven Bonds. Weaving is a common point beetwen originary cultures in Venezuela and around the world.This project aims to revive vernacular by taking the patterns found in natives culture weaving and create a new vernacular which is capable of evolving in and of itself, creating bonds or bridges between contemporary and traditional, past and present, human and habitat.

This concept is connected with the current environmental catastrophe in the world and in Venezuela. Venezuela is a country which comes in first place when it comes to conservation, having designated 53.9% of its territory as protected. Zulia state holds 61.2% of Venezuelan native population. The main material native people from Zulia build with is mangrove wood, this, together with urban expansion are a heavy weight for mangrove ecosystems. Woven bonds is where human meets environment, reviving vernacular to create a meeting space for people and their habitat.


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