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Malihe Haghighi,Sasha Aghababaie , Peyman Kheirkhah, Faird Teymuri


Majority of Iran are made of hot and dry climate. This climate, formed some kind of house that contains one or several central courtyard(s). This courtyard provides privacy for the family and makes the hot and dry climate bearable for them. The rooms are located around the yard. The usage of rooms depends on location of the sun on the sky. The relation between rooms are made from the yard. Therefore the courtyard turns to the heart of the house. We made this courtyard bigger. We made it so big that it could be as big as a plaza. Instead of putting the rooms around the courtyard, We putting buildings around the plaza. We extended the family daily usage of home to people daily usage of the city and vice versa, and we designed the vernacular city.


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