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Yee Tak John Chua , Su Quin Tham


Taxonomize Vernacular, the art of responsing to the Malaysian vernacular architecture and readaptive the vernacularism to the design in a systematical and orderly manner. The experimental project aim to explore the invovement of the lay-man in the discourse of their perception of vernacular.

The exploration started by breaking down the parts and parcel of a traditional vernacular architecture in Malaysia then classified them accordingly in term of scale, ranging from the hierarchy of spaces, formation by recursive and solid and void. From the study of the past, vernacular architecture started of from the basis of the community culture. From then, we start to look into the aspects of Malaysian pre-war architecture and culture.

As a multicultural society, Malaysia has a long variety and ranges of food. Based on the Malay kampung house, the kitchen is placed at the back of the house, in this experimental design, we experiment and locate the kitchen in the center next to the open courtyard. For the Malaysians and also people from the foreign land, food plays an important tole to gather the community.

The experimental design is fragmentised the individual modules and joint to create a unit. The assembly process is done in an orderly manner where thought of and it were made easy for the community to come together to build their community together, and of course the involvement also takes in the consideration of the empowerment of the women.

The empowerment of women is done where they could help to set the footing by in filling soil into the pad footing, whereby it symbolises setting a strong foundation for the community. The other community could help to unfold the individual panels and to fix them up one by one just like the concept of a domino.

The special feature of this shelter is the healing courtyard takes in the concept of our chinese traditional courtyards where it is usually located in the middle of the house, and in this experimental design we interrpreted the courtyard in the middle of the shelter structure to provide a betterment of lif


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