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Jonathan Zen Dar Wong, Abdul Muluk


The design concept of the house is to response to its context on a beautiful terrain of Cameron Highland. The style of the design is modern contemporary vernacular.

Modern :- The spatial layout is modern and stay true to principal of modern architecture where forms follows functions. The building also incorporated the latest state-of-the-art facilities and security system.

Contemporary :- Although the spatial planing are modern, the interior is contemporary in its styling. Timber finishes gave it the warmth feeling of a home. The design is practical and sustainable using less energy for its ventilation to achieve personal comfort.

Vernacular :- The building is raised from the ground on stilt to ‘respect’ the earth and the high pitch roof encourage quick discharge of rain water. This type of building typology follow the principal of a Malay traditional house and gave it its unique ‘vernacular’ character

The form of the building response to the site terrain. The high pitch roof give it a distinct characters that bring the memory of mock tudor building around the site.

The building is also raised on timber stilt to allow the slope to ‘breath’ and naturally avoiding un necessary cutting of earth. Similar to the concept of a Malay Traditional house, Pura Paku is also design with large openings and fenestration to allow natural ventilation and lighting.


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