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Tewat Boonpar



Location’s around Chatuchak park district

Central Thai traditional houses regions have distinctive styles, which reflect the people's living style, including social and cultural beliefs or religious customs and occupations.

This project wants to play with the local Thai architecture. And trying to push the Thai architecture into the new function This project looks at the response of architectural styles. When a new function replaces. Starting with the replacement of the function. From living space to playground. Combined with Thai element and movement of child When them playing like running, jump, hand standing, hanging on something to symbol movement to adaptation with Central Thai traditional houses that motionless of form and space to be interesting. That will make user happy and want to play with this space and when they play. It will be learned. And create doubts for this architecture and space , why this is so, then start to interest to study original Thai architecture

The result was playground object That located around Chatuchak park


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