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Varin Ruamsamran , Wanichaya Tanompolkrang


Concept : “Sa-Pa” Neighbor’s Yard (Community Market Phayao Thailand)

New specification and movement of vernacular architecture need to focus on the gist, which comprises functions, activities, human behaviours, contexts, places, history, and cultures. Particularly, form might not be the focal point, as usual, and the sample of this is “Kad”, or community market of the locals in Northern Thailand.

As a result, for this project, spatial use is the most significant aspect. Communal space for community is where diversity and variety, locally called “Sa Pa”, meet. Community market portrays the function of space for various activities, based on human behaviours. “KadKoangKhoang” is a local market which is named after actions of merchants and consumers, who sit nearly on the ground, then they do not block other shops and the ventilation flow is automatically proper.

The setting of the project used to be the area where the market and village situated. However, they were on fire in 1962, so concrete masonry was replaced. Parts of composition, including wooden fence, prepared for local vegetables and herbs, Market umbrella and Local Woven were used as both lighting filter and indication of project identity, with existing historical contexts.


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