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Pengfei Hou

Qing Li

Jiarong Zhu

Dongxue Li

Ruoya Wang


We propose the concept of “flow”and “interlace”based on the topic of how could vernacular architectures respond the bad situation of material-shortage and external closure in Qinghai Xunhua county. We use new logistics and other modern functions to strengthen the evolution process of the village, designing the new vernacular architecture with its traditional connotation, to make the villagers feel more confident to their culture and the local vernacular architecture. In the architectural form of the traditional dwellings, the elements of "L" and "回" are extracted, together with the weakening traditional roofing technique, to transform into two linear blocks of "the past" and "the future" in the new building, making the architecture itself a pilgrim of nature in a low profile.


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