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Alice Ismail

Nur Khaleda Atirah Kamarudin


Designing communal cultural place in the Malaysian context has been challenging towards time and

place. Due to modernization, modern values start to erode traditional way of life among younger generation

which are leads to the declining of cultural heritage among community. The system tends to ignore the

essence and the needs of community in providing communal cultural place. In order to investigate the needs

of community, Baba Nyonya community in Malacca has been choosing as a case study. This paper is

concern about the needs of Baba Nyonya Community in providing their communal cultural place without

losing the real essence of Baba Nyonya culture. The main objective of this paper is to identify and propose

the suitable design guideline framework that highlight Baba Nyonya cultural heritage through communal

engagement, the adaptation of building program and architectural cultural design base for future reference.

There are three theory approaches in finding the suitable design guideline framework which are theory of

culture, theory sense of place and theory sense of community. Based on the study of theory approach and

data collected, it is hoped that the finding of the study will help in designing a better communal cultural

place for Baba Nyonya community in Malaysia.


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