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Mobius ring in a vertical city

Urban fringe is a special area with harsh environment and emerging problems formed in the process of rapid urbanization. It is the space carrier for the transition, integration and conflict between urban and rural social systems. Not only is there no living space for animals, but the residents also live in a low-quality sandwiched life. Based on the concept of integration and 

circularity of mobius ring, the design constructs a sustainable system in the site by using three parts of the original building, energy block and Mobius Ring Road , expanding and connecting the space in different vertical dimensions. 

Architecture and energy blocks are divided into four layers: the first layer is the ecological layer, which weakens the dominance of human beings over land, provides habitat for animals, and is used in ecological agriculture; the second layer is the economic layer, which provides trade fairs for residents and forms a good ecological and economic cycle chain with one layer of connectivity; the third layer is the living layer, which increases the opportunities for interaction between neighbors and promotes coexistence of human beings and other life. The fourth level is the spiritual level, expanding communication and interaction, and recovering the spiritual world that residents lack. Mobius rings connect dispersed energy blocks and buildings to form an infinite reciprocating ecological ring. Changing the unsustainable status of the community with a simple ring to welcome an incredible new life.

Xiu Li, Pianpian Yu, Yuan Jing



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