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ผู้ออกแบบ : นายวศิน เหมชาติวิรุฬห์

Bangkok is known as the city of living, working, and relaxing, as the city itself is constantly developing and adapting all the time to match the new era and technological progress.
Not only does people’s lifestyles will change in the future, but styles of working will do so as well under the criteria such as place, time, and environment. Moreover, there will be new types of jobs which might emerge to meet human needs. The average person's daily life is spent on working around 8 hours a day, which is considered to be major amount. From this statement, it leads to the question of whether “How can we increase quality of work hours or create other alternatives of working style to match the change in the near future?”
The question brings about to cooperate between working styles and infrastructure in the present so that we can create a new system of working. Consequently, the experimental design of working styles and mass transit (sky train and underground) presents one of possibilities that might suite the new jobs or changed working style. This also urge me to ask that “What if people can start working at On-nut station (sky train), and then have lunch at Siam Square (shopping center), before finishing work and hanging out with their friends at Rama 9 station(underground)?”
The difference between the BTS and MRT transportation systems is their contextual relationship. While BTS provides perceptions of location, context and time, MRT cuts them off. Both types are distinct and offer the people of choice in a city of diversity in the future.


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