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ผู้ออกแบบ : นายธิติ เขมการโกศล
นายศิข์ชา จิตตวานิช
นายชนาวุธ ชุ่มอินทจักร

Raising Awareness through Metaverse

In Metaverse, reality is layering in the form of numerous dimensions which result in countless possibilities, especially in the field of architecture since all the environment must be newly established. Above all the prospects, one to be focused on is how Metaverse can benefit the world through its concepts of Time & Place. Thus, Human Dimension and Cosmic Dimension were picked up with a vision to incorporate the contradiction of all existences.

To Co-exist with reality, the design team extrapolates various relationships between virtuality and materiality in order to create a notion that raises awareness towards the future situations with and without regardless of the consequences of the present habits where there could be a lack of resources, a surplus of values, a phenomenon of natural disasters or the overwhelming of population.

alternate. is a platform that formulates the future vision of the places from the different values for instance Food, Transportation, Population, Green, Flood, or Circulation. What IF the area or the city we live in has developed and prioritized one of the above aspects as the main character or IF it will be forced to be that way, how will our perspective change, how do we want to live in the future? Whilst the habitants are in the alternate world they will travel through the Hyper-Reality environment as a method contrary to the Augmented Reality but overlaps the reality above the virtual world since Hyper Realistic feeling is more intimate to the public.

The design aims not to provide just functional values that affect peoples’ nowaday lives but to contribute to the cognition that involves in their future by elevating and harmonizing the outcome through the architectural values with the network that extends to give reach to everyone over the Time and Place they live in and will be lived in.

Being one of the landmarks in Bangkok containing the rich cultural value, Hua Lampong station district is selected to be the case. The project has approximately 97,000 sq.m. taking place around the former train station. The area will become either the hub for leisure living, the center of the resources production, or even an emergency shelters.


Situation 1
A situation where all things are balanced and people tend to care about living quality.
Cultural value remains with a sustainability development
Situation 2
A scenery which Hua Lampong become a CBD with an increase of inhabitants. The population tends to grow rapidly together with the expansion of technological value.
Situation 3
A "Going to be" situation when the world is damaged by climate change which leads to the lowering of energy sources. Renewable energy becomes essential and flood adaptation system are mandatory.


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